Indulge your passion for fancy, sexy style with VOKKËR & SKODA - the luxury clothing brand that's as mischievous as it is magnificent. Like a sleek and seductive luxury car,VOKKËR & SKODA is designed to turn heads and make a statement wherever you go. With a focus on exquisite fabrics and daring cuts, our pieces are made for those who love to live life on the edge and crave a little adventure in their wardrobe. So if you're ready to inject a little mischief into your fashion game, it's time to buckle up and get behind the wheel with VOKKËR & SKODA.

VOKKËR & SKODA was born with idols of a lifestyle, represented by our prints and themes. Through long research, extensive work, dedication, passion for fashion, and lifestyle, they have become the object of desire often used by celebrities.

From covetous English, VOKKËR & SKODA was initially created for personal use and after meteoric growth among the bohemians, it started to be marketed all over the country. With the aim of combining high quality and authenticity, VOKKËR & SKODA specializes in exclusive collections and limited pieces aimed at the public who enjoy an intense lifestyle. The brand takes to its clients unusual articles, that translate the best references of the world-wide fashion and applies them in a very funny way, in modern pieces full of style and good humor.

 The Rabbit represents the gift of fertility, abundance and prosperity with the distinctive crown of sovereignty and nobility to adorn the head. The Club Mascot. 

The Coat of Arms in the medieval European tradition, is a design specifically created for the purpose of identifying individuals families, clans, corporations, regions and nations.